Solving Unmet Needs in the World
with a Creative Approach

Corporate philosophy
Solving Unmet Needs in the World with a Creative Approach

As we enter the twenty-first century, environmental issues have worsened and the conditions surrounding medical and nursing care have become increasingly severe.
Frequent use of antibiotics has led to the emergence of resistant bacteria, and allergic disease such as atopic dermatitis has been on the rise.

In this background, we have consistently conducted research and development mainly on ozone since 1973 and commercialized a number of products ranging from ozone generating equipment to ozone cosmetics.
Ozone is a substance that can contribute not only to humans but also to all living things, including animals and plants, and eventually to the global environment. We are currently conducting activities to obtain pharmaceutical approval of drugs using our basic technology.

We will continue to use our unique knowledge accumulated over the years to contribute to overcoming unmet needs by providing products and services with a focus on ozone and oxide.

News release
  • [Announcement]

    From 2019, we have concluded a comprehensive sales agency contract with Sumitomo Corporation in the fields of veterinary medicine and consumable supplies for animal use, and are establishing a strategic relationship with a view to global business expansion.

  • [Announcement of newly appointed executive officers]

    We hereby announce the following executive changes Newly appointment KENJI ITO, Representative Director and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Newly appointment GOTARO SHIOTA,Director and CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

  • [Announcement]

    Project to Develop New Drugs for Bovine Mastitis” developed by VMC, Inc. (present Mediplus Pharma, Inc.) was adopted as a new issue of A-STEP of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
    → For details of the issue adopted by JST, click here.


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