Contact Point for Allegations about Misconduct in Research Activities
Based on the purpose of the "Guidelines for Responding to Misconduct in Research" (the decision made by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on August 26, 2014), Mediplus Pharma, Inc. has established the following contact point for receiving allegations about misconduct in research and development activities.
Contact Point for Receiving Allegations
“Contact Point for Allegations about Misconduct in Research Activities”
Corporate Planning Office, Mediplus Pharma, Inc.,
5th Floor, Sreed EBISU, 1-20-4, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Japan
Method of Filing for Allegations
Allegations about misconduct are received by the following filing form or by mail.
→Filing form for misconduct
When filing an allegation, please submit upon filling in the following items, in order to understand the details of the allegation accurately and to respond promptly:
・Name, affiliation, and contact information of the complainant;
・Name of the researcher or research group suspected of specific research misconduct;
・The nature of the misconduct; and,
・The rational reason for considering it as misconduct.
Points to be Noted when Filing an Allegation
Please note in advance that when filing an allegation, the complainant may be asked to cooperate in the investigation, and that if the investigation determines that the allegation was made out of malice, the complainant may be subject to having his or her name made public, to disciplinary action, or to criminal charges., and that details of the allegation may be disclosed to other organizations in order to conduct the investigation of the allegation.