In 2001, our company pioneered the world’s first patented ingredient, Ozonized Glycerin, has been exploring its potential ever since. After obtaining patents in 2004, over 100 papers have been published in academic journals and presented at conferences. Our research was recently featured on the cover of the “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” in 2022. Looking ahead, we’re committed to continuing our research and development as a trailblazing company in Ozonized Glycerin, striving to innovate superior manufacturing methods and applications.

Currently, we’ve secured two patents as follows and have numerous patent applications pending for further inventions and improvements. Our focus remains on strengthening our rights protection through patent registration.

Patent NumberTitle of Invention
6671832Heat shock protein expression inducer
6431251Teeth whitening agent and whitening method

Features of the cosmetic ingredient Ozonized Glycerin(Glycenergy)

Ozonized Glycerin(Glycenergy) is a cosmetic ingredient made from glycerin that has been greatly enhanced to a highly functional ingredient through a patented “ozonation” process.

A novel, patented ozonation process was used to create zonized Glycerin(Glycenergy) , a new proprietary substance of natural origin made from glycerin that is gentle on the skin. This process was discovered during the drug discovery process.
Our newly-developed cosmetic ingredient was presented at the 2022 International Conference for the first time to the world. It was the result of research undertaken around 20 years by Mediplus Pharma Inc., which was established 50 years ago.

How is it different from conventional cosmetic ingredients?

Ozonized Glycerin(Glycenergy) can work omnidirectionally and effectively on the skin functions deteriorated by causal factors, including aging, dryness, and irritation. Thus, eliminating the causes of all types of skin problems.

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Features of Ozone Gel under development as a drug

Our patented material, Ozone Gel, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing effects

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